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reception / concierge

Professional Front-of-House Support

Our dedicated receptionists seamlessly manage guest arrivals, inquiries, and administrative tasks, ensuring a hospitable environment while prioritising security protocols.

Enhanced Visitor Experience

We prioritize your guests’ comfort and safety, providing assistance, guidance, and information tailored to your premises’ specific needs

Integrated Security Measures:

Our personnel are trained to maintain a vigilant eye on security while delivering courteous and approachable front-desk services, creating a secure and welcoming atmosphere.

Tailored Solutions

Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, we offer customizable services, including bilingual support, visitor log management, and ad-hoc requests.

Technology-Enabled Solutions

We incorporate innovative tools and systems for efficient visitor management, digital check-ins, and the ability for seamless coordination with our security services if present on site.

Why Choose Us:

  • Synergy with Security Services: Our reception and concierge services seamlessly integrate with our robust guarding and security solutions, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive approach to safety.
  • Expertise and Reliability: With our extensive experience, rest assured of consistent, reliable, and professional services always.

  • Adaptability: We flexibly adjust to your evolving requirements, guaranteeing a responsive and tailored approach to your front-of-house needs. Let us enhance your guests’ and employees’ experiences while maintaining an unwavering commitment to security.

Professional and proud, the face at the front of your premises

Contact us today to find out how our reception and concierge services complement our industry-leading guarding and security solutions.

Our Locations

Samson Security HQ

National Command Centre
92 High Street, Wavertree
Liverpool  L15 8HQ

Samson Security Midlands

Suite 2A Blackthorn House
St Pauls Square
Birmingham B3 1RL

Samson Security ARC/RVRC

The Vaults, Deacon Park
Moorgate Road, Kirkby
L33 7RX

Company Number: 4112644
Registered at: England and North Wales

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