Samson's Security And Facilities Services

At Samson Security Fire & Facilities we provide an extensive portfolio of security and facilities management services, which can be integrated into both the workplace and home. To satisfy all of our client needs and requirements, our technologically advanced security solutions are carried out by fully accredited staff members, who ensure performance of the highest standard while at the most competitive rates.

Our critically acclaimed Alarm Receiving Centre/Remote Video Response Centre (ARC/RVRC), also known as ‘The Vaults’, enables us to systematically monitor off-site surveillance, to ensure adequate peace of mind.

Together with the security and response facilities available at the state-of-the art maximum security hub, we also deliver a varied range of innovative solutions that ensure the full protection of your property. In order to go above and beyond, we also provide a diverse catalogue of additional services including building and grounds maintenance, together with professional cleaning. All of which can be adapted to suit specific client requirements, meaning if we don’t currently provide what it is that you are looking for, we will go out of our way to provide the requested service without the need for outsourcing.

In order to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of our services, we pride ourselves on using only the most sought-after and trusted security and fire technologies. World-renowned brands include Panasonic, Sony, Axis, Milestone, Xtralis Adpro, TeleEye, Dahua, Hikvision, Paxton, Raytec, IQeye, Gent Fire Systems, Advanced & Apollo Fire Systems, Crestron, Honeywell and Videx. 

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Fire and Security Systems

We offer a diverse range of forward-thinking electronic security installations to ensure the total safeguarding of each given site. Services include Fire, Intruder, VSS, Access Control and Energy Management.

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Security Officers

In line with our 360 degree security experience, our fully trained staff members will become part of your team to ensure a safe and secure workplace.

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Full Site Risk Assessment

In order to comply with current UK legislation, it is a legal requirement to conduct full site risk assessments. At Samson Security Fire & Facilities we provide an initial consultation followed by a thorough property assessment, which includes a complete facilities inspection, analysis of security needs and environmental security risk assessments, in addition to checking whether existing equipment is fit for sustained use.

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Remote Video Response Centre

Renowned for being one of the most advanced in the country, Alarm Receiving Centre/Remote Video Response Centre (ARC/RVRC), also referred to as ‘The Vaults’, is housed across 5000 sq ft in two former cash vaults that boast 14” thick walls, together with a reinforced concrete roof and ‘penitentiary standard’ electronically protected doors that require pre-agreed clearance.

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Alarm Monitoring Services

As Merseyside’s only privately owned monitoring station, we pride ourselves on our SSAIB accredited Alarm Receiving Centre/Remote Video Response Centre (ARC/RVRC), also referred to as ‘The Vaults’. Spanning across 5000 sq ft, the maximum security surveillance hub provides a state-of-the-art mass multi-channel monitoring station.

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In order to provide a secure key holding service that goes above and beyond that of the statutory requirements, we are proud to have invested in one of the world’s most superior electronic key cabinets, ‘MORSE Watchmans’.

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Mobile Alarm Response

With security and peace of mind being the top of our agenda, we are proud to have invested both time and development into our specialist response team, ‘City Net Patrol’ which consists of a fleet of uniformed officers equipped with Samson Security CCTV fitted vehicles. On hand to administer various high security duties, the officers are able to deliver fast intruder and key holder response duties, together with pre-arranged and random site checks.

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Facilities Management

In order to provide clients with a total security package, we at Samson Security Fire & Facilities go above and beyond to ensure that any additional services are covered without the need for outsourcing. To further our already varied security solutions, our experienced team of professionals specialise in a range of fields including cleaning, ground maintenance and building management.

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Locking - Up Services

Our renowned Samson Lock Up service is quickly becoming a necessity for many businesses who want peace of mind when it comes to ensuring that their site has been fully secured.

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Dog Services

We offer Dog Services in conjunction with our NASDU accredited partners. We are acknowledged for consistently maintaining the highest standard for Dog Patrol Teams We specialise in providing K9 Teams throughout the UK. All our staff hold full Security Industry Authority (SIA) licences and undergo a comprehensive continuation training program every month. Each assignment is supported by our 24 hour control room, enabling our Security Officers to respond and deal with incidents as soon as they arise.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Specialist Cleaning Services

Samson have developed a new service for COVID-19 deep cleaning. This technology will clean a building killing COVID with over 99.99% efficiency for 30 days. The treatment contains no harse chemicals, is food safety approved and environmentally friendly. Operating 24 hours a day and on short notice for emergency treatments. Contact us now on 0345 4303 999. - FAST - SAFE - DISCRETE

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