Weapons Awareness

Over recent years people have found increasingly creative ways of infiltrating threatening items on board aircraft and through other security check points.
Weapons of all kinds: commercially manufactured, improvised, adapted and disguised, metallic and non-metallic as well as explosive materials and improvised explosive devices have all defeated security screening.

Why? Simple – lack of weapons recognition training.

The current reliance on metal detection technology and the likely delay in the mass deployment of advanced screening technologies, such as body X-ray, millimetre wave imaging and portable explosive detectors, means that it still remains the responsibility of the screeners to identify potentially threatening items. Unfortunately, no matter what sophisticated state-of-the-art detection equipment you have at your disposal; if you don’t know what the weapons you’re searching for look like or can be made from, you won’t find them!

And in today’s climate, the possible consequence of not detecting disguised and concealed weapons doesn’t bear thinking about.

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Who is the programme designed for?

PS5 Ltd and Skills for Security have united to offer the unique Weapons Awareness Trainer Course. This course is aimed at Level 3 qualified trainers already delivering training to the cash and valuables in transit, security guarding, door supervision, community warden, event stewarding and associated sub sectors. It is also highly relevant to other professions such as teaching, retail management and policing.

What does the programme cover?

This is a one day course, which equips candidates with all of the training materials required to deliver training in this area. A full weapons awareness training box is provided, with examples of concealed weapons and everyday items that can be utilised as a weapon.

  • Handling weapons and terminology
  • Edged weapons
  • Striking weapons
  • Projectile weapons
  • Disguised weapons

What are the benefits of this programme?

You will benefit from increased knowledge and awareness of basic weapons and will be qualified to train other employees to help increase their awareness of violent weapon-related attacks and other serious crimes that can be unpredictable.

Upon successful completion of the course, trainers will leave with a Weapons Box and be awarded an approved trainer certificate by Skills for Security/PS5 for
delivery of Weapons Awareness. An annual update is required confirming ongoing delivery of the training plus contact details and trainers should be aware of the requirement to return the weapons box to Skills for Security when they decide not to continue delivering the course.

Due to the nature of the programme, there is a requirement for all courses run to be certificated via Skills for Security/PS5 to ensure an accurate record of
training delivery is maintained and certificates issued to confirm delivery by approved trainers.

For further advice or to book on this or any other course please contact us on 0151 548 2996 or email info@samsonsecurity.co.uk