Electronic Security Installations

We offer a diverse range of forward-thinking electronic security installations to ensure the total safeguarding of each given site. Services include CCTV, Intruder, Fire, Access Control and Energy Management.

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Services include:

  • CCTV
  • Intruder
  • Fire
  • Access Control
  • Energy Management

As one of the world’s most popular and socially present form of surveillance, CCTV enables us to record and react to occurrences in real-time. Notably the most effective way of mass people and activity observation, CCTV has become an essential tool to capture incidents and ultimately help to reduce crime.

By having CCTV professionally installed, we are able to ensure that your site is secured at all times, and thanks to our state-of-the-art surveillance facilities confined within our Remote Video Response Centre (also known as ‘The Vaults’), we are alerted to all activity which allows us to act on potential crimes immediately to help diminish the risk of their manifestations. On the rare occasion of an intruder or other incident, the relevant emergency services are contacted immediately.     

Prior to fitting CCTV technology, we will perform an in-depth risk analysis of the given site before offering three levels of security that will be tailored to the specific property and suggested client preferences. While we aim to make use of existing equipment if it’s deemed fit for purpose, we take a strict approach when it comes to ensuring that the technology is up-to-date and relevant. With this in mind, we may suggest new solutions that are ideal for both you and your budget. Popular technologies include the state-of-the-art MONITORED Samson CCTV system that features automatic panoramic functions and proficient lighting, which enables multi-angle clearly lit footage.

Together with our advanced CCTV surveillance, we also provide a range of fire alarm and intruder systems that work in line with our alarm response and key holding services – both of which are carefully monitored at ‘The Vaults’ for complete property protection. Through the use of IP communicators we have the expertise and technology needed to provide lawfully enforced, insurance compliant ‘Graded’ Intruder Alarm alternatives, which act as a more cost effective security solution as opposed to equipment of similar calibre such as BT Redcare. Popular brands include Panasonic, Sony, Advanced & Apollo Fire Systems and Gent Fire Systems to name a few.  

For those wanting simplicity and convenience when it comes to managing their technological devices, we also offer Access Control solutions, whereby components such as CCTV and alarms can be managed, activated and controlled by the touch of a button.

As part of our pledge to ‘go greener’, we also provide energy management facilities that not only help you to save money, but help protect the environment too. This means that when security systems are disarmed, facilities such as thermostats and lighting will be automatically adjusted. By incorporating innovative cost saving technologies services into your workplace or home, you are actively helping to reduce your carbon footprint and ensure sustainable energy. Popular brands such as Crestron and Honeywell provide heightened convenience through the use of remote multi-room functions, controlled by smartphones or various other compatible wireless devices. In addition to managing both security and energy devices, the user will also receive mobile alerts and will have the flexibility to set preferred schedules that work around them. If you are looking for reliability, simplicity, personalisation and peace of mind, energy management facilities are key.