Samson Employee Saves Boys Life

“I’m no hero; I just did what anyone else would do.”

Samson Security are so proud of Robbie Mano, currently employed in the position of Domestic Operative, for the heroic act of resuscitating an 18 year old local after his heart had stopped whilst playing an amateur football match on the Simonswood Lane football pitches in Kirkby.

Robbie, who learnt his first aid and CPR skills whilst working for Bolton Wanderers, was spectating at his sons match on the adjoining pitch where he witnessed a crowd surrounding the 18 year old. Robbie noticed another helper trying, but failing to resuscitate the youngster, Robbie took over CPR with the help of his son, and after 15 minutes the 18 year old started breathing again. The 18 year old was taken to Aintree ICU where he is now sitting up in his hospital bed, eager to get out.

Robbie claims he is no hero, and that it was a team effort from all people involved. He has since visited the young man, and his family.

This has helped kick-start a campaign to raise funds to get a defibrillator unit on all pitches.